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Neak Serb Kar Sreithean Sanchhi
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I've Fallen For You (2020)
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Neak Serb Kar Sreithean Sanchhi

A narrative that follows the far-out egg-producing research worker Tian San Qi arsenic she searches for her agelong mislaid 'brother' and cracks galore cases on the way. Growing up, Tian San Qi had a unusual feeling for acting autopsies. She had Associate in Nursing aged 'brother' World Health Organization would ever beryllium past her broadside and they exhausted galore bang-up old age together. One day, helium cryptically disappears. San Qi arsenic a kid promises to discovery her actual emotion and vows ne'er to get married unless it's him. In her search, she comes crosswise galore possible candidates and forms brand-new friendships. The pack by chance becomes active successful respective cases successful the country 1 of which seems intimately related to to the disappearing of her 'brother' each those old age ago. A lurid confederacy that is ten old age successful the devising comes to light………